Turn every workspace
into a community

Connect your employees to an AI-based book community
that learns your reading preferences
and offers the nextbooks based on your selections.

Books, people and tech

We’re creating a new reading experience, together with you.

AnyBook’s kiosks form Reading Communities in workplaces, providing employees unlimited free access to personalized books, with a smart app to share and enhance their reading experience.

  • Unlimited book updates
  • New releases every Month
  • A closed in-app exclusive readers community
  • Personalized recommendations powered by AI

Every company has a unique story

Your community. Your Books. Your experience.

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The Smart unit

Fiction and non-fiction, from classics to bestselling literature

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The Family unit

Books for children of all ages, for you and your family

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The Global unit

English, Russian and Arabic books to fit anyone in your organization

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The Professional unit

Enrichment with non-fiction professional literature

Why AnyBook?

A Smart App 
that connects you to the kiosk and lets you update the books you read, return and like, to learn each reader’s preferences

A Reading Community 
or a book club for employees if you’re extra friendly. Connect people and books and turn them into a community

Constantly Updated 
book lists with bestsellers, engaging novels and recommendations that will turn everyone into avid reader

Personalized Recommendations 
based on your reading preferences, data and habits. We’ll always suggest the next best book for you

The magic of AI with the charm of Printed books

Organizations that installed the AnyBook Kiosk enjoy a vivid book club
Turning colleagues into a community Sharing worlds, destinations and fantasies, with the only thing that connects humans since the first spoken language The power of storytelling.

Of customers’ workforce read books with AnyBook
Users who share book recommendations
Returning readers

Average book rating 4.5


Our story keeps growing

We’re trusted by the best companies that truly care about their employees

Every book is a journey

Join us on our path to change the way we read books

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Can my children and family members use AnyBook?

Sure, the Anybook family unit is meant just for that.

What types of books does Anybook offer?

Our books are the top of each category: either new best sellers or known beloved classics.

We have foreign language speakers in our company, Do you have books in languages other than Hebrew?

Sure, we offer English, Russian, French and Arabic books.

We are a global company, can we install AnyBook at our sites abroad?

We are planning to expand overseas during 2024. At the moment, our product is only available in Israel.

We have some professional books (e.g. books about software development or product management). Can we incorporate them in AnyBook?

Sure, the AnyBook professional unit is meant just for that.

What happens if an employee ruins or loses a book? Would I need to pay for it?

No! Our product is provided as a service. We take into account that some books are ruined or lost.

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